Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Hot dog!

Folks, we're going to have a fight, and I can't wait.

According to the Drudge Flash:

President Bush went to Denmark on July 5 with 11 names of top candidates under consideration. In the last few days, he interviewed five -- one on Thursday, two on Friday -- including Judge Roberts, who got a presidential tour of the residence, including the Lincoln Bedroom, during his one-hour visit -- and two on Saturday. Bush made his decision last night, finalizing it this morning. During lunch with Australian Prime Minister John Howard, Bush stepped out the room and called Roberts. When he returned, he said to the group, which included the leaders' wives: "I just offered the job to a great, smart 50-year-old old lawyer who has agreed to serve on the bench." And despite the intense scrutiny at the White House, Judge Roberts and his wife came to the presidential residence for dinner tonight. At 7:30 tonight, Bush began notifying congressional leaders.

That would be John Roberts, fifty-years-old, staunch conservative, pro-life. He is on record saying: "We continue to believe that Roe v. Wade was wrongly decided and should be overruled."

I wonder if John McCain will keep his pledge to support the president on this one? I'm quite certain the Dems have already decided these are the exact sort of circumstances justifying them breaking their pact and starting another filibuster.

It makes me glad I didn't get into speculating on the other two other rumored candidates today.

I suspect all the different names were not trial balloons, but very conscious and well orchestrated misdirection directed at the media so they wouldn't unleash a premature feeding frenzy on Judge Roberts.

And that means that the "d'Affair Plame" has not thrown Karl Rove off his stride.

Speaking of which, the nomination will likely end the Rove/Plame hysteria, at least for now. The libs will have bigger fish to fry. Or will they get fried?

Something else: the President has kept his promise to the pro-life community. He has also gone a long way toward mending fences with the conservative community with this move. I'm grateful. Triumphant, even.

This may be a turning point in the culture wars.

The battle begins.